5 Best Summer Beers To Serve At BBQs

There are a lot of beer drinkers out there, and even though this is a bartending blog, I wanted to make a quick post for all of the people who enjoy beer. Plus, you will likely be serving it at your parties, right? You might as well know the best summer beers to offer your guests. So here is a quick list that you can pull ideas from, I’ll try to pick beers that should be available everywhere, but its tempting to list my favorite crafts too. Maybe I will save that for a different post.

5 Of The Best Summer Beers

1- Shock Top Lemon Shandy – This is my favorite beer for summer, its very light, but tastes great. Its Belgian white beer blended with lemonade flavors. It can be a little sweet but the lemon just makes it so refreshing...

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Mouth Watering Watermelon Drink Recipes

Watermelon is the best, right? Its sweet, juicy, refreshing. Its the perfect candidate for drink recipes that are nice and simple but still delicious. I’ve compiled a list here of some of my favorite watermelon drink recipes to make. Of course, these are best made in the summer when its easiest to find those nice big watermelons for nice and cheap. But you can also chop and freeze watermelon to save it for a little bit longer. But anyway, on to the recipes!

Watermelon Drink Recipes:

Watermelon Mojito – Mojitos are almost a standard when it comes to summer drink recipes, but since this list is for specifically watermelon drink recipes, I had to add a watermelon mojito. There are probably tons of versions of this drink around the internet but this is my personal one that I use.

You’ll need...

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Crowd Pleasing Summer Drink Recipes

Summer drink recipes are my favorite kind of recipes to make, they are refreshing, cooling and always great for sharing with friends at BBQs. You have so many fruits at your disposal and endless combinations too. This list should give you some great ideas, but I may add to it as I create more stuff this summer. So please visit me again here =)

On To The Summer Drink Recipes!

Cherry Limeade – If you’re looking for a nice simple summer drink recipe to enjoy on your porch on a summer evening, this is a great option. It takes very classic flavors and blends them together to create a boozy refreshing drink.

You’ll need:

  • Limeade, homemade is best, but you can use store bought
  • Cherry vodka
  • Grenadine
  • Limes and cherries for garnish

There are a million recipes for limeade out there so I won’t wa...

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Delicious Fireball Mixed Drinks For Cinnamon Lovers

Hello everyone! I’m back with a batch of Fireball mixed drinks for you. For those who may not know, Fireball is a cinnamon whiskey that has a pretty nice bite to it, its not for everyone, but a lot of people enjoy it. Here are some mixed drinks with Fireball that I’ve come up with, or have had in the past. I will be adding to this list from time to time so feel free to check back anytime. =)

Fireball Mixed Drinks

All American Apple Pie – This one was a go-to, the most obvious thing you can mix cinnamon with is apple, so there are tons of variations of this style drink out there, but I felt it deserved a place here anyway.

You’ll need:

  • 1 oz. Fireball Whiskey
  • 1 oz. of Sour Puss Green Apple
  • Splash of Lemon Juice
  • Dash of cinnamon simple syrup*

Start off by adding some fresh ice to a cockta...

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Top 10 Martini Recipes

A few months ago I made a list of 25 awesome vodka drinks, but I didn’t include any martini recipes because I have been working on this post which caters specifically to just that, martinis! While they do contain vodka(and sometimes gin), I thought they deserved their own post since they aren’t the same as most other drinks.  As always, you won’t be seeing the typical recipes that you see everywhere else, I strive to provide something different and new that you can try. If you’re looking for a standard dry martini recipe, then check out the hundreds of other blogs about those, I have something way more special planned for today.

It took me a while to choose just ten recipes for this post, but I finally delivered and I’m giving you the top 10 martini recipes! These are great for any occasi...

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5 Tropical Drinks You Should Be Serving

Warm weather means it’s time to get tropical! These fruity drinks will certainly spice up your BBQs, pool parties or other summertime get-togethers. Don’t serve those plain old frozen margaritas, you should be using what’s in season right now, and that is fruit! I’m going to share 5 tropical drinks with you that are all delicious and simple to make. As always, we’ll be using fresh ingredients and not cutting corners or taking short cuts. Got it? Good!

Five Tropical Drinks For Summertime

#1 – The Classic Mai Tai

I. Love. Mai Tais. Seriously, they are everything I love in a drink this time of year. They’re fruity, tart and they still carry a punch! Plus, they’re super easy to make in large batches for parties...

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The Best Mixed Drinks For Parties

Throwing a party can be pretty stressful, there are a million things to plan like who to invite, what kind of food to have and, of course, what kind of drinks to serve! I’ll be covering the drinks part today. The best mixed drinks for parties are ones that are easy, simple, and have only a small number of ingredients. But that doesn’t mean you have to be boring, all of these ideas are sure to impress your guests! I’m going to give you some great ideas here to help make your drink serving take way less time so that you can spend more time actually enjoying your party rather than slaving away in the kitchen or bar.

This is actually the roots of this site, it’s meant to teach you how to manage a bar setting in your own home, whether it’s for a big party or for just a small get-together...

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How To Become A Bartender That Rocks

Not too long ago I went over why I think every bartender should go to bartending school and get their bartending license, and I also went over how to write a convincing bartender resume. Now I’m going to tell you everything that school won’t teach you so that you can learn how to become a bartender who rocks at what they do, not just someone who can pour drinks and be friendly.

Don’t get me wrong, being friendly is a huge part of being a bartender. No one wants to tip a jackass who ignored them the whole night. So if you’re people skills are lacking, definitely start working on them because you’ll need them in order to butter people up for a better tip. Plus, having these skills is helpful in other situations too. Like when you get a customer who just completely sucks...

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Simple Frozen Margarita Recipe

This frozen margarita recipe is super simple, just like most of the other recipes featured here. It also contains no pre-fabbed ingredients so if you’re looking for a margarita that comes out of a can, you’re in the wrong place. I’m here to teach you how to make something way better tasting and you’ll thank me for it later 😉 I’ll include how to make a classic frozen margarita, as well as two variations I like, strawberry and peach margaritas.

For some reason people think negatively of tequila, but tequila isn’t the problem, that’s not what people hate about it. It’s cheap tequila that’s the problem, if you want your margarita to taste amazing and not make you sick, then use quality stuff...

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A True Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

The daiquiri dates back as far as 1909 but didn’t become wildly popular until the 40’s when whiskey and vodka were hard to come by because of the war rationing. The drink is so old that no one knows for sure who invented it, but it seems that Jennings Cox get’s the most credit for being the first person to created it. Today I’m going to share my favorite recipe for a variation of the original daiquiri and that is the strawberry daiquiri. But my recipe will be a true version, no pre-made mixes or syrupy gross-ness to be found here so please, if that’s what you’re after, find another website.

Now, in order to make a proper fresh strawberry daiquiri, you’ll need the following items:

  • a cocktail shaker
  • strawberries (fresh is better, but you can use frozen, just thaw them first)
  • light or white ...
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