Essential Bartending Tools And Equipment

If you’re a newbie to bartending or mixology then you’re probably wondering what bartending tools you’re going to need in order to get started. Or even if you’re a seasoned warrior of the bar, sometimes it’s just nice to get your hands on some cool bartending tools. Whatever your reason is for being on this page, I can help you. This is a list of the tools I currently use and highly suggest for home use or for someone who’s learning. I’ll break it down by section to make it a little easier.

Measuring Devices

Bartending ToolsCocktail Jigger Set – These are absolutely essential for anyone who is mixing drinks. I think even people who are experienced should be using these, accuracy counts when it comes to mixology! This little set has all the sizes you’ll need. You can get fancy with the other kinds but they literally all do the same thing so why bother.

Measuring Spoons – You won’t use these too much but they are definitely handy to have in your arsenal of bartending tools. I like these ones because they’re magnetic and it keeps them all together with out one of those stupid rings or a chain.


Bottle Opener – I’m sure you already have one of these in your house, but if you don’t it’s worth getting a nice one because you’ll likely be using it A LOT. There are a lot of showy ones out there but I like to keep it simple so I went with this OXO one.

Waiters Tool – Another tool you’ll definitely be needing if you’ll be opening wine bottles. I got this one because it was cheap but still just a little flashy. That wood is nice and you know it.

Shakers & Stirrers & Strainers

Bartending ToolsBar Spoon With Masher – One of these is great to have because it works as both a stirrer and a muddler depending on the drink you’re making.

Muddler – Muddlers are used for way more than just making mojitos, so don’t go thinking you won’t need one because you hate rum and mint. This is probably the cheapest bartending tool you’ll ever need too.

Boston Shaker – The shaker you choose to use is totally up to you, but I like to use both the Boston and Manhattan shakers depending on what I’m making. I chose this Boston shaker because of the rubber seal it has, it prevents leaks and it comes off for easy cleaning too.

Manhattan Shaker – If you prefer a Manhattan Shaker(has a built in strainer), you can’t go wrong with this, it’s basic and simple. Shakers are another thing that can get pretty and fancy and you can spend the money if you want, but this one will work just fine as well.

Strainer – If you use a Boston shaker, you’ll also need one of these to strain your drinks.

All In One Sets

Win-Ware Bartending Tool Set – This kit comes with almost all of the basics to get you started.  You might need to grab a few more things but not too much.

Manhattan Shaker Bar Set – Another set that includes the basics, but this one has a Manhattan shaker instead.

Other Stuff

Bartending ToolsSpeed Pourers – These will help you in always being able to control your pouring. They prevent lots of spills and lots and lots of wasted alcohol.

Lemon/Lime Juicer – One of these little juicers is extremely handy for drinks that require fresh lime or lemon juice. This will save your hands.

Paring Knife – A paring knife will be needed for making garnishes, presentation is everything.

Peeler – A peeler will be needed not only for peeling some fruits, but also for making nice looking zest garnishes.

Blender – If you’re going to be making frozen drinks at home then a nice bar blender will make your life ten times easier.  Your typical home blender won’t come anywhere near this things ice crushing abilities.

That’s about it, there are a few other things you might need in the future like an ice crusher or electric juicer, but this list should definitely get you by for now. Be sure to check out my other posts on bartending and mixology for more info on how to become a pro bartender.

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