The Best Mixed Drinks For Parties

Throwing a party can be pretty stressful, there are a million things to plan like who to invite, what kind of food to have and, of course, what kind of drinks to serve! I’ll be covering the drinks part today. The best mixed drinks for parties are ones that are easy, simple, and have only a small number of ingredients. But that doesn’t mean you have to be boring, all of these ideas are sure to impress your guests! I’m going to give you some great ideas here to help make your drink serving take way less time so that you can spend more time actually enjoying your party rather than slaving away in the kitchen or bar.

This is actually the roots of this site, it’s meant to teach you how to manage a bar setting in your own home, whether it’s for a big party or for just a small get-together. My goal is to help you in these exact situations so that you can show off your skills, and socialize without stressing out. So, shall we get on to the drink ideas?!

Yes, please tell me what the best mixed drinks are!

best mixed drinksMy all time favorite thing to set up for outdoor BBQs all summer long is a DIY mojito bar! Not only is this my favorite mixed drink for parties because I love rum, but also because people can make their own drinks! They way I accomplish this is by setting up a table with glasses(or plastic cups, for us lazy folk) and then setting out all the ingredients and bartending tools needed to make these. You can keep it simple by just providing the simple syrup, limes, mint, rum and club soda, or you can spice things up and give people options by offering different fruits or different infused simple syrups. People will love being able to create their own concoctions and so will you once you see how much time you won’t be spending making drinks for guests! This can also work just fine indoors too, contrary to what you may have heard, mojitos taste the same both in the winter and the summer, sorry for the spoiler 😉

Worried about portion control? Me too. If you want to avoid your guests wasting your liquor, then just provide measuring tools and be sure to stick a speed pourer on the bottles. For the simple syrup I like to use pump top bottles but these squeeze bottles will work just fine too.

Don’t trust your guests even with fool-proof measuring devices? I understand(trust me!). Don’t fret, there are plenty of drinks you can make yourself ahead of time so that you can just refill glasses rather than mix each one individually. Some fine examples that are sure to be crowd pleasers are margaritas(on the rocks is easier), martinis, spiked apple cider or egg nogg for the holidays and honestly, any drink that doesn’t have soda in it. As long as there are no ingredients that can go flat or don’t last you can always prepare them ahead of time. My advice if you’re going this route is to decide how many drinks for each guest and then add some extras. I have a cooler with a dispenser that I use for parties but you can also just make a few pitchers and store them in the fridge. Don’t store them with ice, it will get watered down and not taste good anymore, it’s best to add the ice when serving. If you want to make sure the drinks will be cold then prepare them in the morning and let them chill all day long. Just be sure to give them a stir before serving in case anything has settled.

Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to making the best tasting mixed drinks humanly possible! Here are some more tips to help you out, I learned all of this the hard way but since you seeked out this article, you can avoid that trial and error!

  • Prep your fruit and garnishes ahead of time. Most fruit(especially lemons and limes) will hold up for hours as long as it’s kept in the fridge. I usually cut up my fruit the night before so I can focus on food the day of.
  • If you go with the mojito bar and it will be outside in the hot summer weather, I highly suggest using a cooler to store the perishables. It will keep the bugs away and keep everything fresh.
  • Some good ideas for variety with a mojito bar is offering other fruits for mixing in, I like using stuff that’s in season but the easiest options are raspberries, strawberries or oranges. Or all three if you really want to go crazy.
  • Make sure you’re using fresh ice. This is easy to forget since it seems the least important, but no one likes freezer tasting ice cubes!
  • Don’t stress! Even if you forget a few things no one will mind waiting a little while. Make a check list of everything that needs done and start working on it the night before. Once you do this a few times you’ll be a pro!

I hope this has helped you in planning your next party. If you try out these ideas please let me know how they turn out in the comments below! If you need advice or have a question feel free to ask! I’m happy to help =) Thanks for reading! Please share this article if you enjoyed it.

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